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Could Coffee Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
In reality there is scant evidence that coffee causes erectile dysfunction, but it does constrict the blood vessels which may have a very minor effect on men’s ability to perform sexually. In addition men with high blood pressure or heart disease who also suffer with erectile dysfunction problems may notice a difference if they try restricting their coffee intake.
Does korean ginseng help erectile dysfunction
For what seems like eons, Ginsengs herbal properties have been well known and used by millions of people for a multitude of health problems
People In The UK Living With HIV Reaches A Record High
News from HPA (Health Protection Agency) has disclosed that almost 100,000 people have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the UK. Also it is believed that as many 25% more are unaware that they are HIV positive. This is the highest that it has ever been since it was highlighted in the early 80’s.
Generic Viagra Good or Bad?
The patent for Viagra in the UK expires in June 2013. Many say this is a good thing leading to more competition and lower prices, but are there other, more serious issues?
Nearly Half Of Diabetics in India Suffer Erectile Dysfunction

It was found in a recent study by Alpha One Andrology Group, that nearly half the male diabetic sufferers in India also have Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Post-Sex Blues On The Increase For Women
Post-Coital Dysphoria goes by a few names including, post-sex blues, ‘La Petite Mort’ and post-coital tristesse. It is a condition that gives people, immediately after a good sexual experience, an overall feeling of great sadness, upset or anxiety. This problem is generally not associated with the relationship and was thought to affect more men than women.
Drinking Too Much Causes Much More Than Erectile Dysfunction Problems
Overindulging in alcohol can have an immediate effect on your sex life; erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of over drinking. ED drugs such as Cialis (Tadalafil) can help however it is usually not advisable to take these type of pde5 inhibitors with alcohol. This is actually one of the questions that we, as an online clinic dealing primarily with impotence issues, get asked most often.
Lose Weight For A Better Night’s Sleep
Problems getting a good night’s sleep could be relieved by losing some weight from around your midriff. Sleep apnoea is a condition that stops a sleeping person breathing for more than 10 seconds and relies on the brains lack of oxygen to force breathing to resume. This happens because the neck muscles collapse whilst the person is asleep, thus causing the airway to be blocked.
Genetics Could Be The Reason Why Placebo’s Can Cure Ailments
An investigation as to why some people get better from ailments after having medical treatment using placebo’s (Simulated medical treatment for a disease or condition designed to deceive the recipient that they are receiving a valid treatment) has found that it may well be in the individuals genetic makeup.
Is Fifteen Thousand Pounds Too Much For A High Profile Sperm Donation?
A new sperm donor clinic has released a website, mainly aimed at those women that are looking for semen with high profile content; to create dare we say it a ‘designer baby’. It does command a charge of £15,000 for providing its exclusive service for premium sperm, which could go the same way as cosmetic surgery, but with more serious complications involving innocent babies.


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Neuropathic Pain Connection With Erectile Dysfunction
A recent research paper written by Dr Consuelo Valles-Antuna at the University Central de Asturias in Spain, has found a connection between nerve impairment in the peripheral nervous system and its effect on erectile dysfunction.

They studied 90 patients that displayed acute signs of peripheral neuropathy and the added problem of erectile dysfunction, needing intensive therapy. Current drug treatments for erectile dysfunction include Viagra and Cialis.

Patients that volunteered for the research had an average age of 54 years, 10% under 40 years and 2% were over 70. No interconnection with the IIEF-5 (International Index of Erectile Function) summary was found in the older test subjects, by way of making them more susceptible, if anything the younger participants had lower IIEF-5 scores. Breakdown of other medical backgrounds was; 30% cardiovascular disease, 16% neurogenic conditions, 16% diabetes, 7% mental health and 11% no risk factors.

Those presenting with worse cases of peripheral neuropathy also had very low IIEF-5 results. Neurophysiological investigations supported evidence that 69% had neurological pathology and 8% of these had myelopathy, which affects the spinal cord. Over a third had polyneuropathy, with small percentages were exhibiting small fibre and pudendal neuropathy, which causes problems in the pelvic area.

Dr Valles-Antuna believes that this is a unique study, that covers the full spectrum of peripheral nerve fibre conditions in a non-selected group presenting with erectile dysfunction. Using the information gathered from the sufferers, combined with neurophysiological tests has shown that peripheral neuropathy is prevalent amongst men with impotence. With reference to this information, it is advised that medical practitioners’ should perform neurophysiological examinations on erectile dysfunction patients and establish that the pelvic area has been screened effectively. provides Diagnosis and Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


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