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Post-Sex Blues On The Increase For Women
Post-Coital Dysphoria goes by a few names including, post-sex blues, ‘La Petite Mort’ and post-coital tristesse. It is a condition that gives people, immediately after a good sexual experience, an overall feeling of great sadness, upset or anxiety. This problem is generally not associated with the relationship and was thought to affect more men than women.

This is caused mainly by prolactin hormones which work to counteract the sexual arousal hormone dopamine. In normal situations the prolactin kicks in after an orgasm is achieved, thus promoting a feeling of wellbeing and tranquillity, the main reason why men fall asleep. High amounts of this particular hormone can also cause impotence as they overshadow the initial dopamine effect and also cause post-coital dysphoria. Male impotence, known as Erectile Dysfunction can be treated successfully with medication such as Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) under the supervision of a doctor.

The refractory period (time between orgasms) is also controlled by prolactin. As prolactin controls other aspects of a female’s biology, mainly to do with childbirth and post natal caring, they are not affected with the delay after intercourse and are able to attain multiple orgasms. Whereas the refractory period for males differs with age, an eighteen year old would have a fifteen minute gap compared to a man in his 70’s that could wait 20 hours before attaining a successful sexual experience.

Australian researchers have been studying women that are sufferers of post-coital dysphoria. They conducted the survey with over 200 female volunteers, where a third of them disclosed that they did have depressive feelings immediately after enjoying sex.

Dr Robert D Schweitzer a clinical psychologist, who has a private practice, but is also a consultant with the Queensland Institute of Technology, Australia, was the author and head researcher on this condition.

The findings are difficult to define as it is known that the two hormones do play a part in the sexual act and as it is a natural chemical balance that is achieved, but it is not something that can be specifically controlled. This does bring the psychological aspects of sex that would need to be investigated, to draw a better conclusion for this problem.

Some research was included as to past sexual experiences or abuse as that could possibly be a cause, but this did not figure as a significant element in finding a reason for post-coital dysphoria.

It is possible that a biological predisposition could be the recurring factor, which would be signified by a chemical imbalance. The way in which people deal with their feelings towards this ailment must be investigated so health professionals can be taught how to approach and help a sufferer. provides an online doctor service: Buy Viagra safely from GMC registered doctors

Written by Frances Cerulean


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