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Does korean ginseng help erectile dysfunction
For what seems like eons, Ginsengs herbal properties have been well known and used by millions of people for a multitude of health problems

In the 90’s there was a big craze of taking ginseng to improve mental ability and physical activity. This also highlighted an added aphrodisiac quality for the men that took it.
So with the newest medical trail of this product aimed at its erectile dysfunction properties, many are finding improvement in a matter of weeks.

This could be of use for those that cannot take Viagra or Cialis to help with their ED problem, or those that the sildenafil citrate based pills have no effect on. Those that can’t take Viagra or Cialis medication have very few options available and the alternatives include injections into the penis, a manual external pump or in extreme cases invasive surgery.  Also current figures say that as many as one in every ten UK men will encounter erectile dysfunction at some time in their life.

The South Korean research project was based at the Department of Urology and Urological Science Institute, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea.
Dr Young Deuk Choi was head of the medical survey team and is one of the authors of the paper.

Previously research has been conducted using mice and this did give the results that ginseng did improve ED. So being able to use over a hundred men for this study, has given a clearer result of it working.

It was carried out using 119 male volunteers that were suffering from ED and were split into two groups. One was being given four 350mg pills a day, which contained Korean ginseng berry extract and the other group a placebo.

The medication regime was over an eight week period and the researchers used the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) to deduce any improvement in sexual activity.
From the results gained there was improvement using the ginseng treatment for erectile dysfunction in all areas and this means that it is a good substitute for Viagra or Cialis.
Ginseng is herb from the Panax genus of plants, which is a slow growing perennial and harvestable. It is only found in the Northern hemisphere, in the colder regions of Asia and North America. As a herb ginseng has adaptogenic properties enabling it to be propagated in different areas, but it does rely on a colder climate.

Quite a lot of the plant is usable, but it is mainly the root that the ginseng is obtained from. It is usually available in its dried state sliced or as a whole root, which resembles the lower part of a human form. As well as it helping ED it is effective as a stimulant and for those that have type 2 diabetes.
It does have a few contradictions and side effects, that with all medication should be researched and if you have any other ailments you should seek advice from your medical practitioner.

With the vast amounts of ginseng that you would have to take each day, as it is not like Viagra or Cialis, where you take it as and when you require it, it could be quite costly. Because it is the extract that is used for ED, which is a concentrated form of ginseng root, that is ten times stronger.

Written by Graham hall


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