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Lose Weight For A Better Night’s Sleep
Problems getting a good night’s sleep could be relieved by losing some weight from around your midriff. Sleep apnoea is a condition that stops a sleeping person breathing for more than 10 seconds and relies on the brains lack of oxygen to force breathing to resume. This happens because the neck muscles collapse whilst the person is asleep, thus causing the airway to be blocked.

In the UK there are half a million sufferers that have sleep apnoea but generally it affects obese men, that are over forty.

During their night time slumber they can stop breathing hundreds of times. Apart from possibly suffering from other ailments, diabetes being one of them, this type of disturbed sleep pattern can lead to cardiovascular complications and high blood pressure.

A recent American survey amongst pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes patients indicated that losing a stone in weight, would also tone their waistline down by 15% and markedly improved sleep quality.

Of the 77 overweight volunteers that took part in the John Hopkins University research half were put on a diet and the other half partook in monitored exercise and diet. Members of each of the groups completed questionnaires before and after the study, so that a comparison could be made to deduce any improvement.

This also helped to compare individuals’ data, to see if there was a common factor relating to the results. All the patients regardless of group managed to lose an average of 15lbs and they also lost a similar quantity of fat from their waistlines.

To ascertain accurately how much was lost they used an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan. Fat collecting around the waistline also inhibits testosterone secretion, which does not help with an added problem of sleep apnoea and will lead to difficulties with sexual activity.

Sleep that is disturbed by hypoxia, which is when someone stops breathing for small amounts of time when asleep, is an added problem that affects sex drive. This is because the central nervous system is inhibited by the lack of oxygen when resting and does not achieve its chemical balance to give sexual satisfaction when awake.

Extra weight around the waist can also cause a testosterone deficiency; it mainly effects men and causes Erectile Dysfunction, which under medical advice can be relieved by taking ED medications like Viagra or the increasingly popular Cialis. There were many types of sleep syndromes that the patients declared, but there was not a particular one that they could classify as being predominant. So this meant that the study had to show the results according to the groups as a whole and not categorise the different types of sleep disturbance. This showed that there was a 20% improvement across all the participants. This research was carried out at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, by Dr Kerry Stewart whom is a professor of Cardiology. He confirmed that the weight loss was the main contributor to better sleep patterns. It was also found that gender or age was immaterial to the results and the aftereffects were the same whichever combination of weight loss plan was followed.

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Written by Graham hall

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