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Meet The News Team

The Uk-Med News Team provides news on a wide range of health issues affecting both men and women. Ranging from Obesity to Impotence issues, we bring you the latest news from around the world, from our dedicated team of writers.

The Uk-Med News Team

Debra Evans 

Debra is the editor for Uk-Med News. She has many years experience as a freelance editor and journalist. Debra makes sure that the news content we provide is relevant and topical.

Frances Cerulean

Frances is our resident womens health issues specialist. Her main area of expertise is in obesity issues and how they affect the long term health and well being of both women and men.

Adam Derby

Adam is our mens health issues specialist. Adam has over 8 years experience reporting on mens health issues including impotence and sexual health issues.

Graham Hall

Graham is our researcher. Graham is always on the lookout for interesting health stories that can add value to the Uk-Med News. Graham has no formal journalsitic background, but is an extremely valued member of the team.


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