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Is Fifteen Thousand Pounds Too Much For A High Profile Sperm Donation?
A new sperm donor clinic has released a website, mainly aimed at those women that are looking for semen with high profile content; to create dare we say it a ‘designer baby’. It does command a charge of £15,000 for providing its exclusive service for premium sperm, which could go the same way as cosmetic surgery, but with more serious complications involving innocent babies.

There are several private clinics that provide a service for single women or couples, which for various reasons use this facility. Generally fertility clinics are sought out because the NHS can only afford to provide a few IVF treatments. Not everyone would be approved for this procedure on the NHS due to age restrictions or personal circumstances.

Sometimes the reason for using a sperm donor is because the male partner has erectile dysfunction problems, which can be caused by the worry associated with trying to conceive and there are a few temporary treatments for this condition such as Viagra and Cialis.

Even though a lot of their publicity has been gained via a hoax spokesperson, Fame Daddy claims that it is the ‘World’s first celebrity sperm donor service’, offering sportsmen, actors and gentry as potential candidates in their bid to attract business. All sorts of attributes are catered for in the choosing of a favourable father, not just height, hair and eye colour, even a choice of education, community standing and dialect, which really does depend on upbringing not genetics. Just because you have an ideal egg/sperm coupling, doesn’t mean that you would get the desired results. What an individual looks like or how they behave is to do with many generations of genes and how they are reared.

 Freely available accurate information can be obtained from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). They detail all aspects from donors to the different ways of fertilisation procedures.

To become a potential sperm donor you have to be between 18-41 years of age, it is an important guideline that most clinics adhere to. So the advertised celebrity donor that is described as fifty on the Fame Daddy site is a bit alarming.

Initial semen samples are analysed and an in-depth medical history investigated, in order to eliminate the chance of deformities being passed on. There is also a quarantine period of six months and more tests before a donor can be cleared for the service.

Legal consent forms have to be completed with each donation. So should it arise that the child produced from the donated sperm has a hereditary ailment, it can be traced back to it not being disclosed and then damages can be sort.

Payments for services rendered also have a strict ruling with HFEA, as only expenses for appointments attended are remunerated and up to £35.00 paid.

As a voluntary donor you do not have any legal or monetary responsibility for the possible offspring. But when the child becomes 16 they can be told of their origins and when they reach 18 can be given the name, attributes, family and last known whereabouts of their biological Father, this is as of 2006. For those that were conceived before this date and from possibly anonymous semen, there are different rules that comply with information gathered at the time.

In the UK there is a limit as to how many times you can Father a child in this way, at present it is 10 children. Globally it varies with some as high as 25, but this is generally covered by the mass of the population. Proper research into donating should be undertaken before considering volunteering and the clinic should be covered by HFEA. Remember if you enter into a private agreement with someone that wants a no strings attached sample, you are liable by law to provide for them. provides online diagnosis and treatment for Impotence. Viagra and Cialis can be precribed by our doctors

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Written by Debra Evans


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