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This section provides the infromation our competitors don't want you to have. They don;t want you to have it because we estimate that of all the internet sites out there, selling medications, a staggering 99.9 % are operating illegally and are outside of the UK.

Problem 1:

How do I know if the internet site I am trying to buy medication from is legal or not?


There is a very simple answer to this question. If the site your are buying from displays prices for medications BEFORE asking you to undergo an on-line consultation. then according to UK law, these sites are acting illegally.

Why is this a problem?

Simply put these sites are illegal in the UK and by definition acting outside of UK law. This means that you cannot be assured of the quality of the medications they sell nor wether your medical and legal rights are being protected.

Problem 2.

Generic medications: We are constantly asked if we supply Kamagra, soft-tabs, cilais soft-tabs, little blue pills etc etc. These are all generic medications which are not only illegal, but can be very dangerous.

Many internet sites pretend to be selling the actual branded drug. If a price for this appears to be very low, you are almost certainly buying fake medication, with little or no quality control, and no indication of the chemicals it may contain.

Problem 3.

We find that the vast majority of customers prefer to buy from a Uk company. Many internet sites from outside the uk know this and will go to great lengths to try to fool you into believing that they are acctually based in the Uk.

The main things to look out for are:

  • No Uk telephone number
  • No Uk address
  • Contact details only via e-mail address's
  • The wording on the web-site: Eg Many US sites write in what you might call Americanese...that is using US terminology such as "shipping Address" instead of "Delivery Address" and "zip code" instead of "Post Code"
  • No Limited Company information...all genuine Uk Limited companies have to be registered at companies house

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