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Drinking Too Much Causes Much More Than Erectile Dysfunction Problems
Overindulging in alcohol can have an immediate effect on your sex life; erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of over drinking. ED drugs such as Cialis (Tadalafil) can help however it is usually not advisable to take these type of pde5 inhibitors with alcohol. This is actually one of the questions that we, as an online clinic dealing primarily with impotence issues, get asked most often.

But it’s not just erectile dysfunction issues that are cause for concern.

A survey carried out by Alcohol Concern has discovered that the cost of hospital care for alcohol-related illnesses in the over fifties was more than £825 million. This showed that during 2010-11 more money was spent on 55-74 year olds than under 25’s, in fact the figure was ten times higher than for 16-24 year olds.

Working as an independent organisation covering England and Wales, Alcohol Concern campaigns to lower alcohol intake and help those with ailments due to alcohol abuse. They are a charity that also gives advice and training to other organisations.

For the population as a whole it cost almost £2 billion to treat alcohol induced complaints last year. The report also said that England has 10 million individuals that drink beyond the advised level of alcohol intake. Medical ailments associated with drinking too much can range from liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcers and heart disease. There is also dementia, cancer and other mental health problems.

The reason for so many associated medical complaints is that alcohol is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream through the stomach and intestines, which is then filtered by the liver before circulating around the body. This is why so many people present with major liver disease and artery illnesses.

Injuries from accidents when being drunk not only affect the individual. Many hospitals have to employ extra medical staff and security to deal with unruly patients, adding more cost to an over stretched budget.

Mr Eric Appleby the Chief Executive for Alcohol Concern said that the reason for highlighting the nationwide problem in the way they have was by focusing on regions. Which means that the can concentrate on the extreme areas that are causing the greatest expense to the NHS.

The funding for this survey was from a Danish pharmaceutical firm Lundbeck, which manufactures primarily psychotic medicine. They produce some of the heavily prescribed medications for not just schizophrenia, but anxiety and depression that are key factors in alcohol abuse. Local councils will be using the information that has been gained from the survey next year, when they will become responsible for campaigns to reduce medical spending.

With the focus on the older generation that is at present causing the greatest cost to the NHS, should we also be looking at those that in a few decades will replace the current drain on the budget.

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Written by Frances Cerulean


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