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Nearly Half Of Diabetics in India Suffer Erectile Dysfunction

It was found in a recent study by Alpha One Andrology Group, that nearly half the male diabetic sufferers in India also have Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Alpha One specialise in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and other sexually related problems for men and women. It is based at the Image Medical Centre, New Delhi, India which also does a cross section of plastic surgery procedures.

Dr Anup Dhir led the research team that collected data from 2,500 Indian males that have ED as an added condition. They detected that almost half of the diabetic ED sufferers were over 40 years of age.

This is quite worrying as this could affect a large amount of the population, as 50 million Indians have diabetes. India for a long time has sported the title of ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’, but because of the embarrassment that would arise due to the true levels of ED, a lot of erectile dysfunction cases are not recorded or subsequently helped.

It is important to have a good oxygenated blood supply to obtain and sustain an erection. Diabetes as a condition creates blood vessel and nerve problems, which in turn cause ED. This can also affect diabetic males as many as ten years earlier than those men that do not have diabetes.

Treatments for diabetics can also inhibit their ability to attain a successful sexual outcome. A lot of the medication used reduces blood pressure in order to manage the ailment; this could be in the form of beta blockers or diuretics which are renowned causers of ED.

Unfortunately a lot of these drug regimes in the long run can cause damage to blood vessels and the nervous system, which in turn could also make ED problems permanent.

Globally gathered information from surveys which includes questions on sexual health connected with diabetes, found that 80% complained of ED, whereas worldwide just over a fifth of all males, regardless of medical wellbeing reported having ED.

Lifestyle causes are prominent when seeking out reasons other than illness for ED to occur. Being too heavy, overindulging in alcohol, smoking and not enough exercise can be major factors. It is thought that it is the more affluent sector of the Indian population that is being affected. With wealth comes the ability to buy more processed food, including consuming more than needed and living a more sedentary life.

There are hundreds of drugs including non-prescriptive medications and herbal remedies that we self-medicate with to cure various minor ailments. They can, while helping some other illness, upset hormone levels or blood circulation that can induce erectile dysfunction. Buy Viagra Online for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Written by Debra Evans

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