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Unlicensed Drugs Seized In Global Raids
A haul of fake medication worth £6.5 million was recovered during a surprise operation to stop the sale of illegal drugs being sold, mainly through online sites. This consisted of £3.8 million of unlicensed pharmaceuticals of which 68,000 tablets were deemed as fake. The vast majority of the seized medications were counterfeit ED drugs such as Cialis and Viagra

Interpol, along with drug regulation agencies from over 100 countries were involved with several planned raids, in the last two weeks. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were responsible for the UK investigation and subsequently seized the unlicensed tablets. Laboratory tests are being carried out on the medication to attain if they are genuine and what substances were used in the manufacture. In all 79 people were arrested in connection with handling the bootleg drugs, during ‘Operation Pangea’.

Ten different locations countrywide were investigated and one was in Kingston, Surrey. Properties where these drugs were confiscated were squalid, unhygienic buildings and this can be said of the back street places that concocted them. Most of the medication was destined for the erectile dysfunction market as the majority of the drugs were fake Viagra and Cialis. It contained tablets that are only licenced to be retailed in India; also some of the Viagra was named ‘Hard 10 Nights’ and ‘Weekend Prince’.

Head of Operations for MHRA, Danny Lee Frost said "None of these products are approved for the UK market. Not only is it illegal to sell in the UK, but we can't guarantee it is safe to take. It is a form of drug dealing. People could be taking this over a long-term basis and doing themselves untold harm. We just don't know."

Work is being done internationally by MHRA and similar agencies to prevent illegal selling of counterfeit drugs. They are trying to eliminate the organised crime factions that send unsolicited emails from pharmacies, enticing innocent people to buy cheap, imitation medication, which could be potentially life threatening. It is known that almost 900 purchases are made from these types of emails every day. It also equates to half of all emails worldwide that are being sent are of this nature. This includes assistance from Microsoft, PayPal and other banking services to target the spam networks. They are doing this in order to close down the offending websites and remove their access to obtaining payments. All of this work can also help against other internet crime where money is concerned.

With the majority of dubious tablets being sent from South East Asia it makes it harder to close these illicit producers down. Erectile dysfunction pills accounts for approximately 60% of the medication sold via an internet source. It is possible to obtain a multitude of treatments for other ailments such as hair loss, diet pills, and alarmingly cancer. Also it is a very lucrative business with an average of £1.5 million spent every month worldwide. This really does endorse that where a health matter is concerned, that you really should check the origins of the medication. Most legitimate companies should be contactable by phone so you can check manufacturers of the treatment and will not mind if you ring just to confirm they are bona fide company. are a CQC registered company supply Viagra, Cialis and Levitra by prescription.

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Written by Debra Evans


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