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The Male Pill
It is believed that at last they may have found the formula for a male contraceptive pill. The female ‘Pill’ has been used for more than fifty years to prevent pregnancy and it is a very successful medication. But it does have its varying side effects for some women, including hereditary complications

In the past they have tried to produce such an aid, but usually it has involved reducing testosterone, which has a lot of unwanted effects. Apart from lack of sex drive, it was also not reversible, so left volunteers infertile. Whilst working on an inhibitor in the fight against cancer, Dr James Bradner found a molecule that stopped protein in the testes, which is vital to producing sperm. They have already named it as JQ1 by the research lab at Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr Bradner from Harvard University has discovered a drug that can make mice infertile and not lose their libido or their long term fertility. As to how they can compare instinct from the human ability to want sex for pleasure in the case of a mouse, I’m not sure. It does affect the mice receiving the drug by shrinking their testes, because they do produce less sperm.

When JQ1 was ceased the mice were able to successfully procreate again, but it was not indicated if any abnormalities were occurring in the offspring. Hopes are high that this will be possible in human males, but as with all medication extensive testing will have to be carried out, so it won’t be something that would be available for at least another decade.

Dr Allan Pacey commented "To date, most of the trials have attempted to stop sperm production by manipulating the male hormone testosterone through the use of injections or implants.” This means that if a tablet form was produced as well, it would be in a more acceptable form to take. "The strong similarity between sperm production in the mouse and the human suggest that a variation of JQ1 may ultimately result in a human contraceptive.” Was a comment made by Professor Moira O’Bryan from Monash University, Australia, whom is the head of the male infertility research department.

For men to want to take a male form of contraception it must not upset their sexual experience. There are at present a lot of men that suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is helped by the use of Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis/tadalafil. As this form of ‘The Pill’ does alter levels of hormone, which can be a key factor in ED, it could also put men off using this type of contraception and also worry that there would be added cost involved for ED medication. This could be a useful contraception aid for long term couples and in cases where it is unadvisable for the woman to take the pill. But generally a male partner that says ‘Its ok I’m on the pill so you won’t get pregnant,’ is generally not going to be accepted as the truth by a lot of women. It is after all the woman that will be left ‘Holding the baby,’ in the long run.

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Written by Graham hall


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