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The Four Hour Motorbike Ride That Caused A Two Year Erection
Most men dream of maintaining an erection, but as Mr Henry Wolf found, it continually lasting for nearly two years is a nightmare.

Mr Wolf from California embarked on a four hour round trip on his 1993 BMW motorcycle in May, 2010. The motorcycle was not the fitted with the original seat, the seat in question was manufactured by Corbin-Pacific, but BMW are also being sued.

He claims that after the journey he developed Priapism, a condition that is diagnosed if an erection continues beyond four hours, for no normal reasons. There are two types of priapism, high and low flow, only 10-20% is attributed to high flow.

Low flow is blood not going back into body and high flow is due to a bypassing vascular problem. Some medical conditions can cause it, including ED treatments such as intra-cavernous injections.

Vernon Bradley, his attorney said “It’s very embarrassing, and all kind of problems developed. He had to reconfigure his clothing, and going to the bathroom was a problem.” This was in an interview that Mr Bradley had with ABC News.

His condition has reversed recently and Mr Wolf can no longer able to get or maintain an erection. In his search for help with this ailment Mr Wolf has consulted many doctors in regard to his plight. They are in agreement that it was a combination of the long motorbike jaunt and the dynamics of the seat. At the University of Miami’s urology department, Dr. Ramgopal Satyanarayana said he had never heard of priapism induced by a motorbike saddle. On rare occasions it could be caused by injury, but generally it is a result of using well known ED medications like Cialis or Viagra, also antipsychotics. “For treatment, we tell them to take pseudoephedrine, and if that doesn’t bring it down, we actually inject medications that can arrest the amount of blood coming in. If that doesn’t work, we have to operatively reduce it,” said Dr Satyanarayana.

Treatment for priapism should be swift as ED is an unfortunate but common outcome. The consultants trying to treat Mr Wolf have been using a conservative approach as the other extreme option would be surgery. “If that surgery is not successful, he will never be able to get an erection with a pump or anything else,” his legal representative Mr Bradley said. The lawsuits are to be served, with a 30 day period for the companies involved to dispute claims. At present the amount of damages has not been revealed, but he is claiming that his subsequent condition has left him without a sex life causing him mental and emotional problems.

Surely the fact that the bike had been modified to a ridged seat, not manufactured by BMW, would not lay the blame with BMW. Again it will be another claim that a well-known company has to defend at the cost to its customers and its good name.

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Written by Frances Cerulean


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