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Sleep Deprivation Can Cause the Brain to Make the Wrong Health Decisions
Depriving our bodies of regular sleep, may be affecting our brains ability to make the right decision when choosing healthy food options

Recent studies conducted at Columbia University, New York and at the University of California, Berkley, concluded that people who have irregular sleeping patterns are more attracted to unhealthy foods.

The studies conducted were on the brains of people who had been deprived of sleep and people who had regular 8/9 hour sleep patterns.

Dr Marie-Pierre St-Onge from Columbia University conducted her research on 25 men and woman. The research pinpointed that the brains actives were drawn to treats, but other regions of the brain controlling behaviour were far less active. The men and woman taking place in the experiment were all in good health and of average weight. They were all then presented with images of healthy food and unhealthy food.

The patients were monitored while wearing a fMRI scanner over a five night period during which time some patients had restricted 4 hourly sleep patterns and other patients were allowed to have a full 9 hours sleep. The patients who had fewer hours sleep showed an increase in the reward centre of the brain when presented with unhealthy food option pictures. In comparison the patients who had more sleep showed far less activity in the reward centre of their brain.

The patients who had been deprived of sleep were continuously attracted to the unhealthy food option compared to the patients who had had regular sleep. Patients who were only allowed 4 hours of sleep consumed more fatty foods after a period of sleep deprivation in comparison to those patients who had received a full 9 hours sleep.

Scientists believe they may have found a link to sleep deprivation and obesity problems. Obesity is the cause of many health problems and for many people cutting down on calories can be a very difficult and stressful experience for both family members and the person trying to lose weight. Being overweight is not only cosmetic it can cause many health problems for both men and woman.

Health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer, gout and gallbladder disease. Obesity in men can cause erectile dysfunction. A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine carried out on 2,435 men over a six year period found a clear link between obesity and erectile dysfunction.

The study showed the more overweight the men were the more difficulty they had achieving and maintaining an erection. Obese men do in general have a lower testosterone level and obesity can also reduce the amount of blood flow to the penis causing the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately many men do not realise being overweight can cause erectile dysfunction. Any men suffering from ED should always consult their doctor or medical advisor. Their doctor can rule out any other health problems that may be the cause of the Erection problems and can advise on a healthy weight loss program. Prescription medication may be available to help with ED, medication such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. These medicines are taken orally and when needed. But by maintaining a healthy well balanced diet and taking regular exercise is always the best option when helping to maintain a healthy sex life.

CQC registered online Erectile Dysfunction Clinic : Uk-Med

Written by Debra Evans


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