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Post Bowel Cancer - More Likely to Suffer Erectile Dysfunction
A research study commented on in the British Medical Journal stating that there is a higher case of erectile dysfunction in post op male bowel cancer patients and that most of them do not receive advice or counselling.

In the UK every year almost 38,000 people are established as having bowel cancer, it is about a 50% survival rate for patients to live longer than five years after treatment. Good news gained from the research suggests that it will rise higher in the future. Professor Sue Wilson, the main author of the paper from Birmingham University, said that more men than women get bowel cancer and that a lot of them will suffer from ED after treatment.

The survey interviewed 28 patients in the West Midlands, whom had received treatment for bowel cancer. Most of them were experiencing ED problems after recovering from bowel cancer. They were not counselled and prepared for erectile dysfunction being a side effect post condition. It was also found by the study that nearly all of the sufferers did not get enough effective or affordable help to manage the new affliction.

Quite a few of the study cases had asked their healthcare professional about it affecting their wellbeing, but found that it shouldn’t matter to patients of a certain age, so confirming that treatment from medical staff depends on age.

There are several medical treatments for erectile dysfunction, one is Viagra. That with medical advice has been used successfully for over a decade. Men can also buy cialis online.

When compared to prostate cancer sufferers whom receive counselling for erectile dysfunction as part of their on-going treatment. The researchers advised that; "The wide diversity of this patient group calls for greater coordination of care and consistent strategies to tackle unmet needs."

A colorectal surgeon from the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York added an editorial to the report, saying that if the research had included casework of men who whose ED had been elevated by treatment, it would be of use to future case management. Larissa Temple also added: "this is probably an important component of sexual rehabilitation for men with colorectal cancer." Another aspect of helping patients continued recovery, would be to include their partner to help with analysis on rehabilitation.


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