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Over 30 With Erectile Dysfunction
As with any medical complaint erectile dysfunction has a cause and cardiovascular problems can be the reason. A lot of men suffer from ED because they have medical problems that induce erectile dysfunction such as diabetes and prostate function. Before reaching for the Viagra or Cialis there are other test that should be done.

Erectile dysfunction as a condition happens when there is a poor or restricted blood flow. Blood pressure and clogged arteries all contribute, this said a lot of men do not realise that they have heart related complaints.

 “Erectile dysfunction often occurs in the presence of silent, non-symptomatic cardiovascular disease; and hence this is an opportunity for cardiovascular risk reduction.” said Dr Ajay Nehru, who is a leading consultant urologist at the Mayo Clinic, Minneapolis. American medical board advice for those who are over 30 years of age that are having erectile dysfunction concerns, it could be caused by an underlying heart condition.  While treating this condition with Viagra or the increasingly popular Cialis is a good option, a better option would be to get your own doctor involved in discovering the underlying cause of the problem.

There are many unintrusive tests that can be carried out, to find out if there is a medical reason for ED, which can be done at the Doctors surgery. Such as blood pressure monitoring, urine sample dip test and cholesterol finger prick test. You may need to be referred to an outpatient clinic for a treadmill body performance evaluation. That could have a follow up nuclear heart stress test, which involves an injection of a tracer fluid to see blood flow throughout the body and enables any blockages or narrowing to be highlighted. Also an echocardiogram (ECG), which only requires some receptors to be attached to the torso and this takes about 45 minutes to perform. It would be a wise decision to have it check out, as researching consultants are finding that young males presenting with ED are more likely to go on to experience cardiac disease.

Low testosterone has been linked to heart ailments and this is also a cause of ED. Testing for this deficiency is not an easy condition to evaluate, due to the wide range on the test scale. Also levels of testosterone are different in individuals; some may be perfectly fine but others with the same level may have problems. Systematic treating for testosterone can bring other unwanted conditions, so careful advice should be followed. This said surveys on men with testosterone levels below 230 have a greater risk of dying from heart disease, in comparison to those with normal levels. Older males between 40-49 years with erectile dysfunction do have a 50% chance of coronary artery disease compared to those without ED. This has been known about for many years, but it is now being highlighted for medical professionals to consider during a consultation. As more men are likely to seek medical help for ED rather than self-diagnosing and treatment. CQC registered online clinic providing a service that allows men to buy cialis online with a free medical consultation. Viagra is also available.

Written by Frances Cerulean


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