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Midlife Health Fads can be Damaging to Mens Health
Hitting your 40s, feeling more lethargic, less energetic and noticing a widening waistline can make a lot of men feel middle aged.

The realisation that they are not the dynamic 20 year old they once were, can drive a lot of men into a damaging and gruelling fitness and health food regime.

Recent statistics released show that men aged 40 to 80 may become obese by the year 2040. Obesity issues can cause a number of health issues such as diabetes type 2, heart disease, a stroke and in some extreme cases can cause early death.

Recently spotted jogging, sporting their slightly spreading torso, which is enough encouragement to start their new fitness regime, were David Cameron 45, and Boris Johnson 47. But according to Dr Charles Clark a consultant surgeon and an expert on diabetes and who is also an honorary research fellow at the University of Glasgow, explains that over excursion and dramatic low fat diet changes, are the last thing a middle aged man should be doing.

Along with a large number of experts, Dr Clark explains, how low fat diets could cause future health issues. Low fat diets are often high in sugar levels and carbohydrates and the effects of sugar on the hormone insulin is a major cause in the rise in obesity.

Dr Clark has released a new book, in it he explains controlling insulin can protect a man’s heart and can even increase a mans libido. Not all experts agree with Dr Clark, but with his expansive medical knowledge in this area and having released more than 80 research articles in the British Medical Journal, his view should not be taken lightly.

Many people enjoy the benefits of jogging and when done in moderation it can help with toning and weight loss. But in Dr Clark’s opinion, excessive jogging can put certain joints under extreme pressure, destroying hip and knee joints and can even put the heart and lungs under intense pressure. With not too many dramatic changes, a healthy lifestyle can be quite easily achieved, just by introducing small changes serious health issues can be reduced.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetable and drinking water regularly throughout the day will help to maintain healthy bowel muscles and regular bowl movement. Exercise is an important issue when maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is important when it comes to regulating insulin levels. If you have not been use to taking regular exercise, start slowly (don’t overdo it). Start by taking regular 20 minutes walks at least 5 times a week and gentle muscle building exercises such as light weights and stretching exercises.

By eating regularly, using fresh ingredients (cut back on processed foods and readymade meals) and getting a good night’s sleep will help keep stress levels down.

Unfortunately testosterone levels naturally reduce with age and poor nutrition can cause fatigue, sometimes reducing interest in social events and a lack of interest in sexual activity. Maintaining healthy eating habits and taking regular exercise can help. With the reduction of testosterone many men can suffer from erectile dysfunction. A lot of men will experience erectile dysfunction at some time in their lives and in most cases it can be a sign of stress or fatigue. Any men showing symptoms of erectile dysfunction should always consult their doctors or medical advisors, who can rule out any other problems that may be a sign of erectile dysfunction. If suitable your doctor may prescribe medication such as Viagra, Levitra (Bayer) or Cialis (Lilly), these medications are widely used and can be taken orally when needed. In most cases these medications prove to be very successful. But by eating healthily, reducing stress and taking regular exercise, will all help to maintain a naturally healthy body and sex life.

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Written by Graham hall


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