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Middle Age Starts At 55
The old adage that ‘Life Begins at Forty’, meaning middle age, has just had the imaginary line raised to 55 according to a new survey.

Great news for those of us that admit to being over 21, but don’t want to reveal that we are really single figured years away from retirement age. It appears that research data received from a 1000 fifty+ grownups do not perceive themselves as archaic until they reach at least 70. This is according to an online survey for the Love to Learn website, which is an informative site for a multitude of interesting material for almost anything.

So as not to make anyone approaching midlife despair, previous reviews have found that 36 years was a marker for middle age. I’m not sure who they asked for that opinion, but it must be somewhere with a very low life expectancy or people that need to live life a bit more to the full. On a good note, national statistics show that globally there are more over 65 year olds than under-sixteen’s.

How you think about middle age is a very individual concept which should be applied to any age. It was 19% of the questionnaire fillers that said it was a ‘state of mind’, rather than a number that indicates a new period of life. They were also asked to submit when they thought old age began, which evened out at almost seventy. Hopefully the head of the government department that authorises pensionable age doesn’t read this, or the next survey will bring about a massive swing to late twenty’s and we can all retire on a full pension at 35!

Age UK, previously Age Concern/Help the Aged a well-known charity, investigated views of Europeans and what they considered to be old age, it was revealed to be 62 years. I’m not really sure if it is a very good source of opinion, as it seems that the Greek populace regard 52 as the beginning of midlife, whereas Sweden believe that those that are over 34 were speedily advancing over the hill.

Luckily in the UK research on impending midlife crisis scenarios, they discovered that fifty year olds are quite optimistic about the added benefits of being 50 something. With time served experience giving an older person the confidence to deal with whatever life may throw at them, better than a member of the younger generation. Living life to the full is certainly something that the middle aged tends to do nowadays. Many men are regaining their sex life via Viagra or Cialis (patients can only buy viagra after doctor approval), as advancing years can reduce sexual activity. Also women that are on HRT find it gives them better overall health and a renewed outlook on life. Maybe it’s the fault of growing up in the sixties/seventies and whichever revolution/ rebellion you decided to follow, but it has enabled us to prolong our abilities to live our respective lives to the full. Possibly moving the age level even higher in a few decades, with that thought we might never have to admit to being a grown-up at all.

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Written by Graham hall


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