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Men Falling Asleep After Sex Is A Natural Instinct
A recent survey of what goes on in the male brain whilst engaging in sexual activity and after, was commissioned by the French government interested in alterations in certain parts of the brain and how it can control thought processes

It was found that the cerebral cortex actually switches off conscious thoughts whilst going through an orgasm. There were two other parts of the brain that took out any inclination for sex post activity. These are the amygdala and cingulate cortex which are areas of the brain that deal with emotions and that release opioids and serotonin that induce sleep.

Renowned French neuroscientist Dr Serge Stoléru had been researching the way a human brain reacts under sexual stimuli. Over the decades he has covered many aspects of sexual behaviour, foremost links to erectile dysfunction. ED can be treated with well-known medications such as Viagra and the increasingly popular Cialis.

Dr Stoléru has also consulted on males’ use of pornography verses an actual relationship. In a recent interview Dr Stoléru said, "These experiments give us the first hints as to what happens in the brain during orgasm. He went on to say “After men have an orgasm they usually experience a refractory period when they cannot be aroused. "For women it seems to be different. They don't seem to have such a strong refractory period and may be asking for more when their partners just want a rest."

At the end of last year the results of a study into how often people think about sex, which has possibly been myth busted, as previous thoughts for men was every seven seconds. It appears it is on a par with their stomachs, food thoughts being 18 times a day and sex 19. But the sex/sleep scenario could be true as they only think about it eleven times a day, which could prove their mind is blocking their memory during sex.

Reasons behind the new results are that the previous research participants were asked to estimate how often, whereas the new study was more precise.

Ohio State University carried out the study with 120 men and 160 women, ages ranged from 18-25 years. The three actions saw the combined group of volunteers being chosen at random to monitor just one of the habits. Food had 59 assigned, 61 for sleep and 163 covered sex. In preparation for the test they were all asked how they viewed food, sex and sleep, to get individual attitude profiles.

Before they embarked on the experiment using a specialist recording counter, they were asked to give a daily estimate. Results showed men are still contemplating sex more than women, almost twice as often and women also think less about food and sleep. It also remarked that men benefit more from visual stimuli unlike women.

So it looks like ladies will be alert and have plenty of time to indulge in reading a few interesting books (not graphic novella), whilst blocking out a snoring partner. provides a safe and effective way for our customers to get diagnosis and treatment for impotence issues using only GMC registered doctors 

Written by Frances Cerulean


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