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Lupus and its Effect on Erectile Dysfunction

Lupus Erythematosus is also known as Lupus or SLE. Although research has been and is being undertaken on differing aspects of the illness, it still lags behind other more high profile life changing inflictions.

80% of sufferers are women, which is shown in findings that a hormonal influence is present. The female hormone oestrogen can chemically change in a patient diagnosed with lupus. Both male and female have raised amounts of 16-hydroxylated oestrogens and elevated oestriol, which is only found in women. Usually 16-hyroxylated compounds levels are increased by use of the contraceptive pill, which in itself is a known trigger for lupus, indicating why it is more prolific in females.

Studies into the male hormone testosterone or androgens, have some indications that they are reduced in males with lupus. Androgens are metabolised faster in women with lupus, showing immunosuppressant qualities. Female investigations have started, but it is not certain if this will be a useful treatment for men with normal androgen levels.

Some symptoms of lupus are known to be elevated in males, including skin rashes, peripheral neuropathy is extremities, kidney disease, vasculitis and Raynauds syndrome. Due to abnormal hormone balances erectile dysfunction has been reported by patients, who are often self medicating with popular prescription drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. Indications are that more men have a tendency to acquire lupus via medication side effects as more drug treatments for men contain lupus inducing chemicals.

When being diagnosed with lupus, men may have a misconception about their masculinity as lupus predominantly occurs in women. This is a myth. As inferred previously, the majority of men affected by lupus are not different from non-lupus males with regard to sexual activity. They have a normal reproductive function and sex drive, with maybe a lapse during the use of certain medication for acute treatment of the disease. Cyclophosphamide can alter fertility, but can be discussed with your doctor.

The lifestyle effects on men maybe greater for them than women, as it can cause more worries for a male, as an inability to work and lead a normal life can be prohibited. All cases are different, including distinct gender problems and impotence in males shouldn’t be a problem. As research into lupus continues into a cure for the disease, help for everyday problems brought on by the illness can be sort through societies run by sufferers.

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