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Is there a link between Impotence and Obesity?

Reports are suggesting that there is now a definite link between impotence and obesity, say the Los Angeles Times.

They reported on a small-scale study conducted by the University of Adelaide, in which researchers found that just a 5% weight reduction can help with issues such as impotence, UTI’s and low self- esteem problems.

Over 30 diabetic men with a BMI of over 30 formed the basis for this sexual health study. The group was split into two, with the first group being given a low calorie diet, while the second group was given a high protein, low carb diet.

42 weeks later and the study authors found that both groups had improved their weight loss goals by a small margin. However of more significance was the fact that both groups found a reduction in their bad cholesterol levels, leading to an improvement in their sexual function. It is widely known that bad cholesterol is closely linked to poor circulation and impotence

Further findings concluded that lower body weight and improved tolerance of insulin can speed up the production of testosterone in the body, which in turn leads to big improvement in sexual health. provide a safe ans regulated platform for men looking to Buy Viagra or buy cialis online.


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