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Is Snoring Linked to Child Behaviour Problems?
A study published in the US journal Pediatrics, looked at data on 11,000 children living in the UK. According to the study, children who snore or have other night time breathing conditions are at risk from behavioural problems.

Lead researcher Dr Karen Bonuck said sleep problems could be harming the developing brain.One estimate suggests one in 10 children regularly snores and 2% to 4% suffer from sleep apnoea, which means the breathing is obstructed and interrupted during sleep.

Often enlarged tonsils or adenoids are to blame for the conditions.

In adults, the result can be severe day-time tiredness and some studies have linked behavioural problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might be linked to the condition in children.

Marianne Davey, from the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Society, said that sleep problems in the young were an under recognised reason for poor behaviour.

Often parents will not make the connection with their child’s poor sleeping pattern and do not mention it to their G.P. and often the child is diagnosed with ADHD and sometimes in extreme cases children are even prescribed drugs.

This is wrong - if sleep problems are addressed then behavioural problems will usually improve almost immediately.Parents should pay close attention to their child’s breathing even as early as the first year of like and if they have a concern, they should raise it with their G.P.  Catching a disorder early may reduce the risk of problems later.

Sleeping and dreaming, play an important role in our emotional psychological and physical heath.  We all dream, what we may not realise is that dreams are common across cultures and their seemingly bizarre content is both important and meaningful.

Until the 1950’s when scientists started studying sleep in a laboratory, most people thought sleeping and dreaming were a passive part of our day to day lives.

We now know that our brains are very active while we sleep.  Science is now uncovering that dreams play a central role in our emotional health, our memory our learning and as a way to help us find solutions to our problems.

There is now convincing evidence that dreaming is important for our psychological wellbeing.  A dream dramatizes people’s daily emotional concerns and waking issues.  Dramatization during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is linked to the restoration of mental wellbeing. are an online clinic providing a safe and secure environment to buy viagra or Cialis online


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