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Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bi-Sexual to be joined by Asexual
Most adults understand the ‘labels’ that unfortunately we are asked to disclose on some forms under personal information. Most of us question why they need to know this. It could be only a few years away that Asexual is added to the list, as research is claiming that 1% of the world’s population professes to have an asexual orientation.

Asexuality, is often referred to as non-sexuality but is actually defined as a deficiency of sexual attraction for other persons of any gender, also someone that has no inclination to wanting sex.

It is not to be confused with celibacy, where a person chooses to abstain from sex for a period of time, but retains all aspects of loving, personal relationship. An asexual individual may have a sexual relationship in order to please a partner or to attain children, but the sexual act would not have a meaning or bring associated pleasure.

Some might say that it is just a reason for those who can’t get a boyfriend or girlfriend, for which someone that is asexual could take offense at. But Professor Anthony Bogaert has been a leading informant on this subject for the last decade and has just released a book called ‘Understanding Asexuality’. He is of the view that asexuality has not been investigated enough and this is barring this section of society from carrying out their relationships in a way that would suit them.

It is in effect the same way that the majority of people viewed homosexuality and bi-sexuality as not acceptable, which perceptions have greatly changed. Dr Bogaert is a consultant at Brock University, Ontario, Canada and he specialises in research into sexual orientation. His previous papers have been on older brothers and fraternal influence on sexual choice. This could be an underlying reason as to why someone suffers from erectile dysfunction, which is treatable with Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis and Levitra. Maybe thinking about your general sexual outlook and looking into what you want from a relationship could also help.

It is in effect the same way that the majority of people viewed homosexuality and bi-sexuality as not acceptable, which perceptions have greatly changed. Last July during the World Pride celebrations in London, there was an asexual conference that took place at the Southbank University. They were promoting that asexuality should be recognised as a natural human trait, so those with this inclination should not be classed as having a disorder. The terminology asexual gained notoriety in 2001 when David Jay promoted Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (Aven), which now has 50,000 affiliates globally. They describe themselves as hetero-romantic, which highlights a romantic feeling for others, but without the sexual need, this also is said of homo-romantic and bi-romantic’s. only prescibe genuine  Pfizer Viagra and Cialis manufactured by Lilly

Written by Frances Cerulean


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