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Giving Up Smoking Could Make You Fat
As it has been more than five years since smoking in public became a big no-no and encouraging a lot of people to be sensible by giving up cigarettes altogether. There has been an increase in weight gain beyond the expected amount, amongst new non-smokers.

Most advice information says to expect a possible 3kg increase in weigh after stopping smoking. Although new research has found that it is more likely to be 5kg over the first year. The information was obtained from a study of 62 people that had recently given up smoking. It was reported that in the first year they had on average lost 4.67kg, which is a substantial increase compared to previous calculations.

It seems that the greatest extra weigh was put on in the first three months of abstinence. Where body weight is concerned it ranges according to the individual, so there can be vast differences in loss and gain. Some used nicotine substitutes in the form of gum or patches, which did not affect weight results.

True statistics are very important when trying to help a mass of people to do something; realistic information will enable a longer lasting, possibly permanent outcome. With past studies they found that smokers do, for a few years put weight on, compared to those whom have never smoked, but in time it levels out to be the same for both groups.

Prof Simon Chapman and Prof Esteve Fernandez, clinical reviewers of the study comment,  "Although obesity is positively associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality, cohort studies indicate that modest weight gain does not increase the risk of death - smoking does."

Other associated problems for men that smoke is erectile dysfunction which is helped by well-known medications such as Viagra and Cialis. Smoking is also a major cause of heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Smokers are also at double the risk from having a heart attack compared to their non smoking peers.

The main reasons for putting on weight is that you have an improved sense of taste, also something has to replace the action of smoking and frequent snacking on fatty or sugary foods is going to pile on the pounds. Once you mind and body has adapted to a new habit of not reaching for the cigarettes, just the sensation of feeling fitter will get you motivated to shed any pounds you might have acquired.

On the whole it is more important health wise to not smoke say the medical authorities. But for many females weight gain is not a favourable option and the research was only conducted with 62 case studies that were mixed gender. How will results equate to the thousands that we hope will quit smoking for the long term. With this said over a 100,000 die from smoking related disease each year, which unless individuals take action to stop this deadly habit will not decrease.

Help is available from the NHS, through many therapies to cease smoking, they also offer support with weight problems that might occur.

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Written by Graham hall


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