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GP Conference Highlights The Beginning Of Detrimental Health Cost Cutting
General Practitioners are becoming 'increasingly worried' with the impending NHS 20 billion pound saving campaign, required by the Government.

This is already apparent amongst patients that are on the waiting list for joint replacements, according to the British Medical Association (BMA).

Waiting time is always too long for people desperately in need of hip and knee replacements. Sometimes you would think getting the operation done, would be less of a cost compared to the high price of medications and complications from cocktails of drugs then causing other ailments to treat. Add to that time away from work and employers covering workloads with costly agency staff.

We all know that many routine minor operations are being curtailed or just not done anymore. Removing varicose veins is one of the now simple procedures that is about to be ditched to save money. It is now a common problem with GP referrals that are thrown back because of funding.

Erectile dysfunction sufferers keep getting threatened that their allowance of one prescription a month for 4 Viagra tablets, is in danger of further reductions and possibly no prescription at all.

Postcode lottery has a very high profile when operations albeit minor or major are required, there really is a South-East of the country verses the rest of England divide. The deputy chairperson of the General Practitioners Committee, Dr Richard Vautrey said before the commencement of the two day conference, "Most people understand the NHS is not a bottomless pit and there are limitations to what can be done." "But GPs are increasingly getting worried about rationing. There are huge variations in what can and can't be provided from place to place. "We are also seeing more restrictions on when we can refer patients. It means people needing things such as hip and knee replacements wait longer and suffer unnecessarily."

It is widely known that ‘rationing’ has been in force for many years for specific medical procedures such as fertility. Which when there is a call to save billions of pounds from medical treatment by 2015, the news today is featuring raising the age of IVF to cover women over the age of 40. Enabling this to occur will surely lead to even more expenditure, not stopping at the IVF cost. Charging for what is considered by medical management as minor surgery, to include skin problems, will undoubtedly come into force. A doctor-patient relationship can only be compromised by this fast approaching situation. We have all seen over the last decade what has happen with dentists, people queuing to sign on at a so called ‘NHS’ dentists, is verging on archaic.

Will this happen with GP’s treatment and will it go on to affect emergency treatment at A&E?

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Written by Frances Cerulean


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