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FDA accepts new ED treatment application

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California United States.

-- Drug developer Vivus Inc. commented on Thursday, that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will make a decision regarding its new proposed erectile dysfunction medication avanafil by April 29, 2012.

 The FDA  have accepted the new application for marketing approval filed by Vivus on the 30th of June. Vivus owns the worldwide intellectual property rights to avanafil excluding some Asian Pacific Rim countries.

 Vivus shares fell 34 cents, or 4.1 percent, to $8 on Thursday in a spell of early trading. The stock further declined 9 cents to $7.91, in trades that were made after hours.

 Avanafil is being touted as a treatment of erectile dysfunction by Vivus, who are following in the footsteps of Pfizer (Viagra) and Lily (Cialis), who both manufacture treatments for erectile dysfunction.

 It is estimated the 40% of men over 40 suffer some form of erectile dysfunction.


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