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Counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Seizure by Canadian Border Officials
Counterfeit Viagra and Levitra pills were sized by the RCMP and Canadian Border Officials.The counterfeit pills were estimated to be in the region of $47.000 dollars.

The seizure is considered the largest of this type of counterfeit pills, which has been made.

The counterfeit Viagra and Levitra were found hidden in a consignment of electric rice cookers.

The illegal shipment set sail from China on the 12th March and was bound for Canada. Although the counterfeit consignment was concealed in electric rice cookers, it looked remarkably like the genuine product, showing identical packaging, displaying expiry dates and batch numbers, a very convincing replication of the legitimate medication.

Counterfeit medicines can be very dangerous and harmful to the person taking them. They can be contaminated or have the incorrect amounts of active ingredients and in a lot of cases contain no active ingredient at all. Anyone taking the counterfeit medication could be doing themselves serious harm.

Often fake medication has fillers such as talcum powder and the blue colouring of the Viagra tablet is often achieved by using blue paint. Anyone taking counterfeit medication should be made aware there is very little or no quality control in the manufacturing of it.

The World Health Organisation has quoted approximately 1% of available medicine in the western world, to be counterfeit. Globally this figure increases to 10% and in some developing countries this figure increases to as much as a third of medicines to be considered counterfeit.

Unfortunately the lack of a tracking system for medication when it changes hands and, questionably loose regulations, enables counterfeit medicines to infiltrate the supply chain. In the UK we are provided protection by The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The MHRA are the government’s agency responsible for ensuring the protection and safety of medical supplies to the public. The MHRA strive to protect the public from any counterfeit medicines and devices. This is achieved through regulation, public information and working with healthcare organisations, and providing support for individuals involved with the healthcare sector.

Genuine medication, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are very effective treatments for erectile dysfunction and have become some of the most counterfeited products in the world today.

Viagra and Cialis ma be prescibed by UK MED subject to an online consultation

Written by Graham hall


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