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Can Exercising Give Women Sexual Pleasure?
According to new research from the Indiana University an increasing number of woman are experiencing sexual pleasure from going to the gym.

“Coregasm” is the name given to a medical study, after a survey of women was conducted into the issue.

Exercise associated with some sexual pleasure, were likely to involve the core abdominal muscles. Exercises included such things as lifting, yoga, spinning and a piece of gym equipment, called The Captain’s Chair, which involves holding onto the arms of the equipment, while raising up the legs.

Researches from the Indiana University spoke to woman who had experienced Exercise Induced Orgasm and also woman who had experienced Exercise Induced Sexual Pleasure. The main researcher, Debra Herbenick said “It may be that exercise, which is already known to have significant benefits to health and wellbeing, has the potential to enhance women’s sex lives as well”. It is well documented that regular exercise improves mental as well as physical health, so does this have a direct bearing on our ability to enjoy sex?.

By exercising we boost the endorphins in our brain. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals and when they are released by exercising our mood is naturally boosted. Exercising also releases adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. All of these chemicals working together will naturally make us feel good. People, who are feeling unhappy with themselves, with their body fitness, feeling tied or lethargic, usually find that their libido reflects their general feelings. To reverse these feeling you do not have to become an Olympic athlete. Just a twenty minute walk 4 or 5 times a week, or a 10 minute workout several times a week, would produce noticeable benefits. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body (similar to that of morphine). Exercising produces endorphins and a regular workout can be a positive and energizing outlook on life. Endorphins are manufactured by the brain, spinal cord and many other parts of the body. A big part of sex is feeling sexy and being comfortable with your body leads to better and more relaxed sex.

Research carried out, does show that the more a person exercises the more sex he or she tends to have. Each time you exercise (or have sex) your body releases endorphins. Studies have shown woman who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely. If exercising is not enough motivation to get you into the gym – maybe a better sex life will be. The pharmaceutical industry have been looking long and hard for a potential "cure" for female sexual dysfunction with many companies trying to develop the new female Viagra, without success. Viagra is currently only prescribed to men for erectile dysfunction.

Now it appears a quick trip to the gym may be all that is required.

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