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Autism And Pre Tactile Impotency
With Autism being a psychiatric complaint that manifests in infancy and generally continues in varying degrees through to adulthood. This disorder carries problems with inter-social and communication skills which can prohibit certain aspects of personal relationships

When the condition was researched over two decades ago by Dr Christopher Gillberg a Swedish psychologist, he refers to the sufferer having ‘Mind Blindness’, which causes them to be frustrated when interacting with others; this lowers their abilities to function in certain situations. The condition known as pre tactile impotence (PTI) makes the person unable to arouse their libido due to the effects of their underlying ailment.

This can also be a problem for those that are visually impaired or diabetic as well as autistics. It is not only men that have this difficulty; women can also suffer, generally starting at puberty into maturity and beyond. Their inability to enjoy a sexual relationship can be improved if something is found that can activate the sensation. This is typically an object that is tactile, so that the feel of the surface texture gives a sense of pleasure and increases their libido. This is not a dissimilar to those affected by erectile dysfunction, which can be easily alleviated by using Viagra or one of the other two medications currently approved to treat impotence, Cialis, or the less well known Levitra, that works by not only improving blood flow, but by increasing sexual inclination, unlike a person that has PTI which tends only to be a trigger by an object that can promote the much needed feeling.

Viewing the object can be enough for right effect to be achieved, not just touching it, but this would not work for the visually impaired. Some medical practitioners believe that buying Viagra could work, but you have to take into context that other medication may not mix and may highlight other unwanted side effects.

Even though it may appear to be a simple solution to what is part of human nature, autism as a condition can inflict altered behaviour. PTI is an emotional changing problem which could cause heightened basic symptoms and increased anxiety when the found object is not obtainable, in can appear as an Obsessiive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

There is very little research into this subject, a lot of the reported information is from work on ways to try and subdue subjects without need for medication. Work in this field has been successful using foil balloons, not latex as it has a different texture and a high scent which can also be a defining factor. The tactile properties of this product induce a calm feeling of wellbeing for the person and can also be fashioned into more desirable shapes. At present there is very little research into PTI, which will in the future possibly be looked into as more people are being diagnosed as being within the autism spectrum.

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Written by Graham hall


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