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Apps To Improve Your Sex Life

What would we do without our mobile phones? Seemingly absolutely nothing!

First it was that relatively well known ancient Hindu picture manual the Kama Sutra, which led onto the beautifully decorated sculptures on Mukteswar Temple in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Leaping on slightly, there was a few decades ago the ‘Joy of Sex’, generally found by giggly children under their parents mattress, poorly drawn images in quite unobtainable positions

Well things really have progressed since then, still a lot of drawn examples, but in much better scenarios. ‘Carmasutra’ by Kodexo, the clue is in the ‘Car’ prefix, just shows that it is made for the American market, you could never do that in a Mini… more like a 13 seater minibus.

‘Wingman’ devised by Peacedout, is every man’s friend when out on the pull solo. It has everything from aliases, chat-up lines and a timed self-caller to get you out of awkward situations. It also has a good side, lists of local bars, restaurants, nightclubs and taxi’s for your inevitable ride home alone.

iTunes has a useful app for established couples to keep track of their sex lives, called the Sexulator. Works like a diary, has icons related to different activities, gives averages of data recorded (if you really want to know how often you ‘don’t’ do it) and if you are very brave you can compare results with friends. If you are trying to get pregnant it’s an easy way to track cycles etc. One comment suggested I guess by a man, that they should include an icon for when ‘She’ had a headache.

Some are being sponsored by well-known companies cashing in on advertising and just as many with concerns on protecting personal health. MTV Staying Alive and iCondom have a clever little app, showing the nearest place to obtain condoms. Not just retailers but public accessible dispensers, they claim to have more than 10,000 locations listed. I was wondering if it updates if the machine has been vandalised or is empty, in order to save a wasted journey. The good point of this app is that it is encouraging everyone to be careful where sex is concerned and preventing the spread of Aids, HIV and STDs.

There is a plethora of different apps from Sexometer…’Step 1 Find a suitable place for your iPhone.’

Durex have ‘Spice Dice’ games and tips, there’s ‘Kissing Test’ yes you do have to kiss your phone, so no good for those of you without a touch screen. Also for those with ED problems there are ‘Viagra’ apps, which generally get you to listen for several minutes a day to sex mentoring advice, they claim it has 70%+ success rate.

Unlike Pfizers blockbuster Viagra or Cialis medication manufactured by Lilly, there are ED apps for women. The price ranges for this phone apps start as low as free to $10 or more. Remember the general advice when downloading them, be careful and obtain them from known sellers especially if you are parting with cash. They are able to card scam and explaining to the bank what you were purchasing could be embarrassing. As with a lot of social apps they are a bit of fun and should be looked at in this way… but if my other half reached for his phone for advice in the bedroom, I know where he and his fountain of information will end up and I’m working on an App for it right now! only use GMC registered doctors to treat Erectile Dysfunction problems, Current medications are Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) 

Written by Frances Cerulean


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