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Nobel Prize Winner That Identified HIV Says Cure Is Feasible
Dr Francoise Barre-Sinoussi is the eminent virologist whom obtained a Nobel Prize in medicine for her pioneering work identifying HIV

Dr Barre-Sinoussi has been with the Pasteur Institute for a number of decades, discovering Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), through her work on retroviruses in 1983.

Revealing that she conceives that a cure for HIV is achievable, but is at present unable to give a time span on the much awaited antidote. It is over 30 years since the virus was noted and in the subsequent years more than 30 million people have succumbed to HIV/AIDS. In this time there has evolved many treatments and preventatives to stem the progression of the illness.

Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction is often an unwanted side effect of certain drugs used in the treatment of HIV/aids. Modern Erectile dysfunction treatments such as Pfizer's Viagra and Cialis manufactured by Eli Lilly can however negate these unwanted side effects.

When good medical care and drug therapy is available sufferers are managing to lead a normal existence, with an even longer life expectancy than in its formative years. Finding a cure for HIV has not been an easy pursuit even though there is major global funding in this respect.

Researchers in this field have been very close to giving up on the widespread disease. Recent information involving two patients, undergoing two different types of treatment is proving to be successful. One male patient in Berlin, Germany, after two intense bone marrow transplants, it has emerged that they can no longer find the HIV virus present in his body.

The other a man in his fifties has undergone a gentler gene therapy; that took place in Trenton, New Jersey, USA. This procedure did not eradicate him of HIV, but he was able to maintain good health without the use of antiviral medication.

Evidence from the studies in Germany and USA is current proof of the two ways that they want to combat HIV. Either completely eliminating the disease or controlling it without the use of costly antiviral treatment. This is an easier way to tackle curing the poorer and worse hit areas. Dr Barre-Sinoussi explained, "The reason why we are pushing for a cure is the fact that we know it is a life-long treatment. We know that it is of course very difficult for universal access, for treatment for all. "We know as well that there is a small proportion of patients that on long-term treatment are developing complications so that means we need to have new tools for the future."

Next month will see Dr Francoise Barre-Sinoussi becoming President for the International AIDS Society. She is ideally suited to this prestigious position from her past history in the forefront of many campaigns for funding HIV research globally. The monetary problems everywhere means that finances for projects such as AIDs always seem to be the first to be slashed, highlighting even more that finding a cure would in the future vastly reduce medical expenditure.

When asked as to how much longer the wait for a cure would be, Dr Barre-Sinoussi replied "I cannot answer this question if I am honest. A scientist should be honest in my opinion. We don't know."

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Written by Frances Cerulean


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